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News from Wettenhalls

Message from our Chief Executive Officer

2019 was a busy year for us.  We received the keys to our purpose built facility in Altona and we continued to integrate our acquisitions.  The largest acquisition being Allied Transport Services which is now Wettenhalls Heavy Haulage and Specialised Services. 

In November we started to get a feel for the challenges we were to experience in 2020 as the bush fire season started in earnest.  During the Christmas / New Year period we saw our dedicated staff operating in NSW / ACT then VIC and then in QLD in dangerous conditions as they sought to deliver our customers’ products.  The commitment and ingenuity that our staff showed in delivering product safely for our customers, ably led by our National Account Manager Leigh Collett, our NSW State Manager Mark Maning, VIC Operations Manager Sean Lengyel and QLD Operations Manager, Tony McEwan is a credit to them all.  We put in place a bushfire survival kit for our trucks and moved to two up driving teams.  We remained available to undertake all loads and loads that were not achieved were due to route closures by the authorities.  Missed loads were kept to a minimum as Mark, Sean & Tony and their teams generally managed to find a safe alternative route once the standard routes were closed.

COVID then sought to ravage the country and has caused untold grief to countless Australians.  Once again, we stood up as a nation to tackle the threat to our lives and livelihoods. We appear thankfully to be seeing a reduction in the havoc that COVID has wrought on us but not before a great many Australians, particularly those who contributed so much in the last 80 years to make this great country into what it is today losing their lives.  Our prayers and sympathies go out to all of our employees and customers who may have been touched personally by this tragedy through the loss of their loved ones. 

Whilst 2020 has been very challenging it has been great to see the collaborative effort from everyone to work together to meet the challenges that this year has presented.

But whilst we face these major challenges it is important to keep focussed on running the business in the way in which we want it to be run.  We were successful in re-tendering for our work that we do for Infrabuild (formerly “OneSteel”) and have expanded a number of the networks that we operate for other customers.  We successfully negotiated a new four year EBA with our driver workforce which recognises their professionalism and the contribution that they make to the organisation.

We are well positioned to assist all of our customers both new and old as we all strive to grow the economy coming out of the COVID pandemic. 

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