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Focus on Safety

Safety Leadership

Since we refreshed our approach to safety with “WE ARE FOR ZERO” (and built on that with Take 5, to raise awareness of everyone’s personal responsibility for safety), Wettenhalls have now moved from merely raising awareness of safety issues to ensuring safety is the first consideration in all our operations and decisions.

Safety needs to become just what we do.  That is why we have invested in Safety Leadership: to help embed a “safety first” culture across our operations.

Having a “safety first” culture means trying to do things in the safest way possible first time, every time – which is far more effective than using the easiest or fastest method then looking for the associated risks afterwards. In a “safety first” culture everyone feels comfortable calling-out potential exposures, even if this means production may be impacted. Team members feel confident that leaders will back their judgment.

Jason O’Keife (GM safety) and Phil Rout (Safety Manager) have taken all people leaders through the first step of their Safety Leadership journey by running tailored workshops designed to assist leaders in creating and embedding a safety culture.   They have learned skills and techniques that will enable them to reduce exposure to risk of harm to themselves and all of those around them.

 The role of a safety leader is crucial because the standard we walk past is the standard we accept.

 “We are for Zero” is not simply what we aim for; it is what we live for.

Tailgate Rails

Learning to identify exposure reduction opportunities has seen Wettenhalls recognise the fall risks associated with the tailgate lifters in our operations and we have invested in an engineered solution to remove the risk.

Tailgate lifters are fitted to a wide range of our vehicles to help load and unload goods from the vehicle / trailer. If these systems are not designed, installed, operated, and maintained correctly, employees can be seriously injured from falling from the tailgate.

NSW / ACT State Manager Mark Maning has worked closely with our GM Fleet, Ian Maudsley, in retrofitting an effective barrier system to each raised tailgate in our fleet.  This engineered solution has effectively eliminated the possibility of driver or loader from falling off the sides of a tailgate when raised and is progressively being rolled out to our entire tailgate lifter fleet.

This is exposure reduction in living colour.

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