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Environmental Services Wins – “IQ Renew” New South Wales




Some three years ago, Wettenhalls identified a gap in the market whereby there were few (if any) top tier transport companies providing bulk waste / recycling transportation services using Walking Floor and Tipper Trailer combinations. The market was characterised by operators using old equipment and there was significant opportunity for improvement in the areas of fleet, training, safety & compliance. It was at that point that our “Environmental Services” line of business was born and now forms a large part of the Wettenhalls Growth Strategy.

Wettenhalls differentiates its service offerings by delivering superior training, safety and compliance systems and procedures, and the latest technologically advanced modern equipment whilst reducing the cost per tonne. To do so means providing the most innovative solution, which is often through using High Productivity Vehicles under the Performance Based Standards Scheme.   

Wettenhalls now continues to grow its footprint in its Environmental Services customer base and has some 50 + trucks working specifically in the space now, servicing top tier customers such as Cleanaway, Infrabuild, Veolia & now New South Wales (NSW) Recycling company “IQ Renew”.

The new work involves transportation of recyclables between Sydney and right up the central coast for sorting and processing using specialised 20m high capacity Barker refuse specification walking floor combinations.

IQ Renew Managing Director, Danny Gallagher, had heard “on the grape-vine” that Wettenhalls had a presence in NSW and reached out to Wettenhalls NSW State Manager Mark Maning to see if we could assist.   

After undertaking trial loads at the various sites, IQ Renew have now sought to lock in a longer term contract and grow the existing relationship. Wettenhalls would like to thank Danny and his team at IQ Renew and look forward to many years of service to come.     


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