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Safety and the Environment are absolutely front-of-mind in everything we do at Wettenhalls. Therefore, we have a Rigorous Staff Training Program in place, we are continuing to replace our Fleet to take advantage of Technological developments and have the Industry Accreditations to support our commitment to Safety and the Environment. Further details of these initiatives are as follows: 

Staff Training

We have a rigorous staff training program in place. For example, our dedicated driver trainer in Ron Lewis spends time with each Wettenhalls’ driver to not only assess their current skills, but to discover how their driving skills could be improved. Topics covered include road manners, etiquette, “green” (environmentally considerate) driving techniques, general up skilling and upkeep of the drivers’ “office”; the truck cabin. As a result, our drivers are better supported, so they are calm and patient on the road, look after the equipment, learn new skills and interact in a safe and positive way in the environment in which they drive.

For Wettenhalls, the driver training program is about investing in our staff. This helps to build a strong workplace culture, increased productivity and professional employees.

Fleet Reinvestment and new Technology

We are currently replacing approximately twenty percent of our existing fleet per annum. This ensures we are keeping on the forefront of new technology which continues to improve overall Safety and reduces our Environmental footprint.

Such technology on our newest prime mover fleet includes:

  • “Euro 5” rated engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction for reduced emissions
  • SRS drivers airbags
  • Adaptive cruise control, monitors distance to vehicle in front
  • Forward collision warning, which alerts a driver know of impending collision
  • Vehicle stability control, anti-roll over prevention
  • Lane departure warning system, alerts driver to drifting from lane
  • Axle load monitoring front and rear, informs driver of axle weights
  • ABS Brakes
  • EBS Electronic brake system
  • ASR Acceleration slip control, traction control for wet or slippery conditions
  • Hill start aid, prevents truck rolling backwards
  • Reverse warning beepers

We monitor our fleet using GPS technology in MTData, which provides insights into fuel consumption, speed, time on road and time since resting.

Industry Accreditation: 

Our industry accreditations include:

  • HACCP (
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Accreditation Scheme ( in the following modules:
    • Mass Management
    • Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)
    • Maintenance Management (recently acquired)
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