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Our Culture

Our customers and the broader community are central to our success, and everything we do is geared around satisfying, if not exceeding, customer and community expectations. We believe a strong, inclusive culture is essential to developing and retaining loyal, long-term customers.

Wettenhalls is a family-based business built on strong values. Respect, innovation, open communication, honesty and leadership are just some of the values we promote amongst our team.

Wettenhalls has a clear vision for supporting and fostering our employees. We not only help our staff through training and safety initiatives, but we also focus on employee wellbeing, up skilling and personal development.

Our driver training program has moved out of the classroom and into the truck cab. The trainer spends time with each Wettenhalls’ driver to discover how their driving skills could be improved. Topics covered include road manners, etiquette, “green” (environmentally considerate) driving techniques, general up skilling and upkeep of the drivers’ “office”; the truck cabin.

As a result, our drivers are better supported, so they are calm and patient on the road, look after the equipment, learn new skills and interact in a positive way with the communities in which they drive.

For Wettenhalls, the driver training program is about investing in our staff. This helps to build a strong workplace culture, increased productivity and confident employees.

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